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Joshua Macleod

Biography: Joshua MacLeod is a marketing and management consultant, professional photographer, filmmaker and the founder of Watermelon Ministries. Joshua has worked on Christian Media productions in 15 different countries and has helped countless numbers of individuals through ministry consulting and media services. Joshua is an influential speaker and teacher and lives in TN with his wife Sarah and six kids. What's on my ipod: Sarah Groves, Crista Wells, Johnny Lang, Fernando Ortega, Word of Promise. My favorite books: Tozer – Pursuit of God, Anything by Piper, Drucker, Grudem, Biblical Texts My favorite memory: I have so many memories that it would be hard to mention just one. I remember each picture that I’ve taken and the stories behind them. (stories). What I do in my free time: hike, play guitar, read, spend time with my awesome wife and 6 kids.