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Media Change

God is working all over the world through amazing servant hearted people. Thousands of ministries shelter widows and orphans, feed the hungry, dig wells for the thirsty, work to end slavery and speak to those in prison. These stories need to be told!The Mission of Media Change is to capture the Kingdom of God on film. We travel around the world on media based missions trips using the power of film to show God at work. 5 minutes of primetime television will fill your mind with terrible news about everything going wrong on the planet. Shouldn’t there also be a place where you can turn to be encouraged and motivated to go out and make a difference? We’re that place. Visit our website to see how God is moving around the world. Mediachange.orgVisit the Website


America spends over a trillion dollars a year on entertainment. Is it worth the investment? The UN estimates that 200 billion would end world hunger and yet we spend five times that amount entertaining ourselves.It’s time for a change, a Media Change, and you can play a huge part. By joining media change with a donation of only $10 a month, you can help bring inspiration to our world through Christian media. You’re our executive producers!