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Saving 100 Lives in Darfur

Did you know that for $30, you can give someone clean water for their entire life in Darfur Sudan?

The Watermelon Ministries team recently completed the 100 Wells Campaign for Persecution Project Foundation. We decided not only to provide creative media for this campaign, but give financially as well.

Our Goal

Our team is reaching out to our friends to give 100 people clean water in Darfur! Will you join us in this opportunity? For a $30 dollar donation to Watermelon Ministries, you can give an individual in Darfur clean water for their entire life. For five dollars more ($35 dollar  donation), you will give clean water, but also help spread the word with a 100 wells T-shirt or Bracelet. We will provide you with business cards to hand out when you wear your T-shirt or bracelet. You can be an advocate for the people in Darfur!

How can it be so easy to give clean water for such a small price? Its not easy at all! The only reason this campaign is possible is through the years of sacrifice and difficulties overcome by the staff at PPF. They have acquired the connections and resources to build the wells, but they need our assistance to serve more people. PPF always shares the gospel as they serve.

When making a 100 wells donation, please add a note that says “100wells” in the memo line.

Donate $35 and save a life! »

So far 56 of our friends have agreed to help give clean water through Watermelon. Will you give clean water for life?

Here’s what the shirts look like.